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  1. Every evolution with technology seems to be rather small because of the little steps it tends to make. Even revolutions in this field seem to harmonize unnoticeably with our society. Some years ago it was hard to imagine a world where you could be connected to the internet everywhere at every time of the day. Now it seems hard to think otherwise. These changes happen so quickly that we don’t even have the time to build a social and legal framework around it. For example, what do we do with all the data we generate and save?

    This world, the first out of my archive, is a glimpse of a world which is put together by reason and is very optimised. Designed to provide the best for humanity, though it doesn’t look that habitable. It looks more like the people have diminished themselves out of it. My images try to capture the feeling of an automated world in which information is the new black gold.

    Lightboxes,244x39cm each.

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